America on the Move

New to California . . .
California On the Move in Santa Barbara

California is On the Move — Santa Barbara County is honored to be the state’s first local Affiliate. Our initiative is a partnership that unites many sectors of our community to promote healthy lifestyle options. Already, representatives from government, education, business, sports/fitness, healthcare, non-profit arenas and concerned citizens have pledged their support for California On the Move in Santa Barbara.

Simple Strategies, Big Rewards

Would you take simple steps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight? You might consider the energy balance concept of calories in, calories out. By increasing your number of daily steps by just 2000 (about 1 mile) and reducing calories by only 100 (about 1 soda — choose water instead), you would be well on your way to improving your health. It’s easy to get started and fun, too! Just put on your pedometer and watch the steps add up. You’re able to see first hand how well you’re doing. Now you’re on the move toward a healthier you.

Share your success with family members, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to help them get On the Move. That’s the idea behind Santa Barbara County’s interest in joining America On the Move. Then, we hope to take the initiative statewide. In this way — person by person, family by family, community by community, state by state — we as a nation can end the vicious cycle of obesity and its associated chronic health conditions.

Are you interested in making a difference in your community? Join us and find out how you can get other community and neighborhood organizations On the Move in California. Schools, worksites, families, and organizations can all get involved. Be proactive — register today. Together we can make a difference in the health of our state and our nation.

Passion, Concern, and Hope… a Community Comes Together

On November 8, 2003, the Diabetes Resource Center and City of Santa Barbara officially introduced the community to California On the Move. There was great support and enthusiasm for Santa Barbara’s affiliation with the national America On the Move™ initiative. The event was attended by many Santa Barbara residents as well as community partners who offered information on health, nutrition, and fitness. UCSB Women’s Basketball Team members gave autographed basketballs to children attending the event. The following speakers shared their passion, concern, and hope for a healthier Santa Barbara:

• Michael Fisher, MD, President, Diabetes Resource Center of Santa Barbara County
• Hannah Beth Jackson, Assemblywomen, 35th District
• Marty Blum, Santa Barbara City Mayor
• Lois Capps, Congresswoman
• Debbie Flores, Superintendent, Santa Barbara City School District
• David Pettitt, MD, Senior Scientist, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute
• Roger Heroux, Director of Santa Barbara County Health Services
• Mark French, Coach, UCSB Women’s Basketball Team
• Fima Lifshitz, MD, Director of Pediatrics, Senior Nutrition Scientist, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute
• Gloria Desales, Nutrition Advisor, Diabetes Resource Center of Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara City Mayor Marty Blum was an inspiration to those attending the kick-off event. She announced that she had been wearing the pedometer given to her by the Diabetes Resource Center for the last several months, saying it had been a useful tool in motivating her to increase daily steps. Mayor Blum also noticed that she’d been paying more attention to food choices. She told the crowd that not only had she lost weight, but she also felt more energetic and was having fun being On the Move. Mayor Blum then shared the number of steps she had walked that morning. With a smile, she told enthusiastic onlookers that she was proud to challenge other mayors in the county to get their cities On the Move.

Debbie Flores, Superintendent of Santa Barbara City Schools, shared her commitment to the initiative for children. She was pleased to see so many schools represented at the event. She emphasized her support for promoting healthful eating and active living in the schools. To help Santa Barbara’s schools begin On the Move programs, the Diabetes Resource Center donated pedometers to La Cumbre Middle School, La Colina Junior High School, Goleta Valley Junior High School, Montecito Union School, and Notre Dame School.

As the event came to a close, Congresswoman Lois Capps led Santa Barbarans on their first 2000 steps in front of City Hall. The crowd was On the Move to the beat of the UCSB Gaucho Band! All had a great time. The event marked an excellent start for California On the Move in Santa Barbara.

Seeking Solutions… a Turning Point for Santa Barbara

The Diabetes Resource Center hosted a luncheon September 5, 2003 to address the increasing rates of overweight, obesity, and related chronic health conditions plaguing our community. This event marks a turning point for our county, as attendants share their vision of a healthier Santa Barbara. All received pedometers and had the opportunity to hear about America On the Move. Speakers from various sectors voiced concerns about the health of our residents and expressed hope that we can come together to promote active living and healthy eating in Santa Barbara County. The following community leaders spoke at the luncheon:

* Marty Blum, Santa Barbara City Mayor
* Roger Heroux, Director of Santa Barbara County Health Services
* David Welton, MD, Cardiologist, Sansum-Santa Barbara Medical Foundation Clinic
* Daniel Berger, MD, Endocrinologist, Sansum-Santa Barbara Medical Foundation Clinic
* Michael Fisher, MD, President, Diabetes Resource Center of Santa Barbara County
* Meyer Salmoni, Executive Director, Diabetes Resource Center of Santa Barbara County
* Susan Horne, Partners for Fit Youth

The concern was great and the support overwhelming for the commitment to break the cycle of obesity and its consequences. The decision to bring the America On the Move™ initiative to Santa Barbara County was applauded as an idea whose time had come.