Diabetes by the Numbers


210,000: The number of deaths annually due to diabetes in the United States

61%: The increase of Americans with diabetes since 1990

17 million: The estimated number of adult Americans who have diabetes

6 million: The estimated number of African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans who have diabetes

16 million: The estimated number of Americans who have “pre-diabetes”

10%: The proportion of the United States population who will have diabetes by 2010

$132 billion: The annual cost of diabetes to the United States

100%: The increase of diabetes-related medical costs from 1997 to 2002

1: The ranking of diabetes as the cause of blindness, kidney disease and amputations

50: The number of states threatening to cut diabetes healthcare coverage in 2003

50: The number of governors who could stop those cuts from happening

16: The number of states that receive enough federal funding for a Basic Implementation Diabetes Control Program

$150 million: The amount of federal funding needed to establish a Basic Implementation Diabetes Control Program in the other 34 states

$1.5 billion: The amount of federal funding that was recommended by the Diabetes Research Working Group to adequately fight for a cure in Fiscal Year 2003

$860 million: The actual amount of federal funding allocated to diabetes research in Fiscal Year 2003

535: The number of senators and representatives in Washington, DC who decide how much federal funding will go towards diabetes research and programs

1600: Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20500 – the address for President George W. Bush

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