Policy and Legislation

Below are brief descriptions of pages on our site of current diabetes related policies and legislation. To find out more, click on the gray title.

Summary of Current Legislation and News
A brief summary of recent state and federal laws regarding diabetes, including actions that have expanded the rights of patients, and others that have established the means for consumers to fight back against unfair practices by HMOs.

Healthy Eating in Schools
The American Dietetic Association has launched a program to assist schools in developing diet and health strategies for students.

Childhood Obesity– A Growing Problem
Childhood obesity and associated health problems are on the rise. Many of the reasons are known– the challenges now are prevention and intervention. This article from the University of California San Francisco Magazine summarizes and draws some interesting conclusions about public policy from numerous studies on children, nutrition, and diabetes.

Banning Soda Pop in Schools
Sacramento Legislators are taking on the Soft Drink Industry to ban soda machines on California public school campuses.

The Soda Bill
Local Representive announces introduction of federal bill on soft drink machines at schools.

Lose Weight, Gain Tax Break
Good news came in the spring of 2002, when the IRS revised its policy on how taxpayers can deduct the costs of weight loss programs.