Spotlight on Pamela Beckman-Lyon

December, 2004
Pamela Beckman-Lyon has been named program coordinator of California on the MoveTM in Santa Barbara County. She serves as liaison between America on the Move and the DRC. A licensed marriage and family therapist holding a master’s degree n clinical psychology, Ms. Beckman-Lyon has been a certified diabetes educator and psychosocial counselor for the past five years at the Resource Center. In Ms. Beckman-Lyon’s new position she is working directly with our executive director, Meyer Salmoni, in promoting outreach activities as well as assisting in administrative functions for both California on the Move and the DRC. California is part of a national initiative designed to reverse the decade long trend of an ever increasing obese population.

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Spotlight on California on the Move in Santa BarbaraTM
November, 2003

California is on the move in Santa Barbara County and we are honored to be the very first local affiliate of the national organization, America on the MoveTM in the state of California. Our initiative is truly a partnership that unites many sectors of our community. In order to promote healthful lifestyle options to those living and working in Santa Barbara County, representatives from govemment, education, business, sports and fitness, the healthcare fields, non-profit arenas, as well as concerned citizens, have pledged their support for and commitment to the efforts of California On The Move in Santa BarbaraTM.

Simples Strategies, Big Rewards: What if you could take simple steps that would allow you to achieve and mantain a healthy weight? Would you do them? Then you might want to consider the concept behind “energy balance.” Calories in, coupled with calories out. Through such strategies as increasing the number of steps walked daily by just 2000 (about 1 mile), and reducing calories consumed by only 100 (about 1 soda), you would be well on your way to improving your health. It’s easy to get started and fun too! Just put on your pedometer and watch the steps add up. You’re able to see first hand how well you’re doing. Rather than choosing a soda, opt for a refreshing glass of water. Now you’re on the move toward a healthier you. Share your success with your family members and friends and help them to get on the move. Better still, you can be instrumental in getting your coworkers, as well as your neighbors on the move. That’s the idea behind Santa Barbara County’s interest in joining America on the MoveTM. We hope to inspire all those in our community to get on the move. Then, we hope to take the initiative statewide. It is in this way, person-by-person, family-by-family, community by-community, state-by-state, that we as a nation can end the vicious cycle of obesity and its associated chronic health conditions.

Are you interested in making a difference in our community? Join us and find out how you can get other community and neighborhood organizations on the move in California. Some places to consider might be the schools your children are attending, your place of employment, or any other organizations you belong to. How about the members of your walking club? Are they registered? Be proactive and help those in our community to get on the move. Together we can make a difference in the health of those living in our city, state and nation.

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Spotlight on Healthy Start
April, 2002

Healthy Start is a statewide program whose goal is to improve the lives of children and families. Local Healthy Start initiatives redesign service systems to be family focused, preventive in nature, locally controlled, and comprehensive. They place a high emphasis on accessible services that meet families and children’s needs in a holistic way. Our local Santa Barbara Healthy Start network provides eight school-based Family Resource Centers with linked community services. An important goal of Healthy Start initiatives is to ensure that programs coming from the community to the school are coordinated and not overlapping, redundant, or otherwise conflicting with one another.

The La Cumbre Middle School campus in Santa Barbara is the newest Healthy Start site. La Cumbre and its community partners received a $50,000 planning grant in 1998 and a $400,000, 3 year operational grant for 1999-2002 from the California Department of Education to implement a program to improve students’ health, academic opportunities and achievement, and to establish a Resource Center at LCSM providing linkage to our many community services. The Resource Center is staffed by a full time Coordinator, Cory Karpin, M.A., and a full-time, bilingual Family Outreach and Resource Specialist, Sandra Ramirez, B. A.

Activity highlights this year include:

  • a coordinated, multi-faceted homework assistance program
  • participation in a countywide coalition to improve student nutrition and fitness
  • extensive outreach to improve immunization rates
  • dental screening at school
  • personalized outreach to families to encourage attendance at parent education/school information events
  • ongoing referrals and case management services

The Diabetes Resource Center is proud to be a Healthy Start partner. Other current partners include representatives of the school district, La Cumbre’s administration and faculty, parents and students, Family Service Agency, Girls Inc., Santa Barbara County Public Health Department and Social Services Department, City Parks and Recreation Department, Cottage Health System, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (including Carrillo Family Dental Clinic), Santa Barbara Police Department, Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse/Fighting Back, Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, St. Francis Hospital Parish Nursing Program, and the City of Santa Barbara Public Library. New partners continue to join as this important program gains momentum. For further information call 687-0761, extension 344.

Spotlight on Project Lean
August, 2000

California Project LEAN (Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition) is an organization dedicated to increasing healthy eating and physical activity in order to reduce the prevalence of chronic disease, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis.

Susan Horne M.Ed, C.H.E.S., a DRC Advisory Committee Member, is the Gold Coast Region Coordinator for the organization, whose goals include:

  • Creating healthier communities through policy / environmental changes that support healthy eating and physical activity
  • Educating Californians to choose healthier foods and be more physically active
  • Conducting research-based, consumer-driven nutrition and physical activity campaigns
  • Serving as leaders to coordinate State and local efforts promoting nutrition and physical activity

The target audience is low-income Latina mothers under 25 years of age who are English-speaking and acculturated. Specific target locations for 2001 include Santa Maria Buena Vista Park and Oceano / Grover Beach.

A recent focus group found that hot cheetos, oreos, flavored corn chips, and candy are currently the favorite snacks, but that part of what determines a snack’s popularity is its convenience, portability, long shelf life, and individual portioning. The community can be encouraged to substitute fruits and vegetables, with the most popular choices being oranges, melon, pineapple, mangos, jicama, cucumber, broccoli, and corn. However, it was found that these fruits and vegetables are more likely to become snack substitutes when seasoned with lemon juice, salt, and chilli toppings such as Pico de Gallo powder or Tapatio bottled sauce.

Project LEAN is also working with students at Righetti High School in Santa Maria, where a school club has been sponsoring healthy food choices and a new fitness class on campus. This program is called “Food on the Run.”

California Project LEAN is funded jointly by the US Department of Agriculture and the California Department of Health Services.