The Art of Getting Well

The Art of Getting Well is an excellent book that can help those dealing with a chronic illness to maximize their health.

Most of us face formidable self-care barriers in our lives. These practical, psychological or spiritual barriers often go unseen and unaddressed by health professionals, caregivers and patients themselves. As a result, we may suffer needlessly and miss out on the opportunities for wellness that self-care can bring.

David Spero RN, describes these barriers and ways to overcome them in his book, The Art of Getting Well: A Five Step Plan for Maximizing Health When You Have a Chronic Illness (Hunter House, 2002). Based on his experience leading self-management groups, counselling people with chronic conditions, writing health education programs and living with multiple sclerosis, Spero’s book has received terrific response and helped thousands lead healthier lives.

Located in San Francisco, Spero also offers classes, seminars and personal health coaching for those dealing with long-term physical or emotional problems. In person or telephone sessions may include counselling, guided imagery and acupressure. For more information visit his website at or phone 415-585-9851.